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Free, no-obligation, competitive website analysis and local search domination roadmap

You know how challenging it is to juggle your desire to give your customers the best, while spending time and money finding more customers. You probably have a good website - but is that website really working for you?

How would you like to be able to get more customers from your website in less time and money?  This can happen when your prospective customers see your website listed prominently in all areas of their web search results. Our free, no-obligation personalized website analysis and roadmap gives you the components you need to know to dominate all areas of your customers' searches and therefore, to increase your business:

1)  Keyword Analysis. We will provide you with a list of some top, profitable local keywords. This listing is created from an analysis of:

  • the phrases your prospective buyers use to find your business
  • the traffic your website could be getting from these searches
  • your competitors’ rankings with these keywords

This valuable information is needed to ensure that your website; pay-per-click campaigns and landing pages; and other web properties, such as directories, are optimized to drive traffic to you.

2) Local Business Analysis/Roadmap. You want prospective buyers to see your business at the top of the all-important Local Business search results. We analyze your position in the search engines' Local Business Results and provide a roadmap for getting into this critical area, as well as recommendations for  optimizing the Local Listings with the keywords your customers are looking for.

3) Pay-per-click Analysis. Pay-per-click advertising (such as Adwords) can be effective if: 1) you are using the right keywords, 2) if your ads are compelling and, 3) if, once the prospective buyer reaches your website, they turn into a customer.  This evaluation and report will help lead and guide you towards better pay-per-click profitability.

4) Natural Search Results Analysis/Roadmap to get the search engines to serve up your business in the top positions of the general (“organic”) search results for the phrases your prospective buyers are using. Your competitors are in the top natural search results. Do you know who they are, why they are in these top search results, and what you can do to be in the top results? This analysis and report will provide you with crucial answers to these questions.

5) The Bottom Line - how many more clients and profit can you expect?  Quite simply, we want to show you that you could more the double your profits with less money by dominating all the local market searches.

Obviously, this analysis would cost hundreds of dollars if you hired it out. You are probably wondering why we would provide this analysis for free. The point is that we prefer to spend our time with our clients, rather than creating yet more marketing material.  So, we provide invaluable information about how to get customers for less time and money day one. You then decide what steps you want to take next.

Our goal is to show you that the time and money you spend will be an investment - and that you will more than double this investment. Obviously, we would hope to also earn your trust if you choose to invest your money in the next steps.  However, this is entirely up to you.

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