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Keyword Research

Do you really know the 1-5 word phrases (called keywords) your potential customers are using to find your services and products, and which of those keywords bring you the most revenue?  You will with our keyword research offering.
We will produce a list of top, profitable local keywords. This listing is created from an analysis of:

  1. the phrases your prospective customers use to find your services and products
  2. the locality search words (such as "minneapolis" or "st paul") potential buyers use in conjunction with the product keywords   
  3. the traffic your website could be getting from these searches
  4. the potential for business these keywords represent (i.e. - are these customers just shopping - or, buying?)
  5. your competitors’ rankings with these keywords.

If you don't know these keywords, you can't attract valuable traffic.  With this keyword research in hand, your website; search engine local listings; pay-per-click advertising; and other web properties, such as directories, can be optimized to drive traffic to you. We often even find customers finding new services and products to offer based on what the customers are searching for. As an example - if customers are searching mostly for blue widgets - you might want to think about offering them.

Call or contact us now for a free evaluation at 612-605-7866.

Even if you want to do your own local listsings, directories, articles, etc - keyword research is imperative.  So - call us at 612-605-7866, or contact us for a free local business evaluation now.