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Flexible Payment Structures

At all times, we view your payments to us as your investment - we want to ensure that you get back more dollars than you give us. Our goal is to increase your business, plain and simple.

Towards this, we offer flexible payment options:

  • A la carte.  You might want just a few of our services. For example, you might decide that all you want right now is keyword research. That is fine - we can easily arrange an a la carte payment option.
  • Packages.  After looking at your website with our free analysis and evaluation, we might determine that you would best increase your revenue through a package of, for example, keyword research, local business listings, natural search optimization, and article marketing.  We can wrap that into an upfront/monthly payment package for you.
  • Percent of revenue generated. Because we believe that you really will get back what you pay for, we offer the ability to get paid based on your increased revenue. Therefore, you pay nothing until you know for sure you are gaining the additional business you need.

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